Read how Techaran is responding to COVID-19

Jobs at Techaran

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Work From Home

Since COVID-19, All Techaran employees (Except for the part that their presence in offices or warehouses is important) can work from home.

What do we stand for?


One of the most important rules respected at Techaran, Is being as efficient as possible at pretty much everything (Except for some, e.g. Security). Imagine how much less carbon we could produce if everyone could use a little less power.


Taking responsibility for what we've done, Is the other very important rule we respect at Techaran, When people start using our products, The real job begins, The job to bring satisfaction to all.


And one other important thing is making things run faster, In Techaran we don't sacrifice speed to "easy to be done".

Team Work

Make your own team, Work together to solve problems, Process, Analyze and make friends, Become part of our family!

Jobs Based on Department